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Available now on download!  CDs coming soon!

The journey started back in May last year.  Seasoned songstress Helen Jayne McKellar was sitting at her late grandfather’s cherished concert piano for the first time in a long while; she tentatively played the first few notes and then the songs literally tumbled out.  An unexpected but inspired and fruitful few weeks ensued, resulting in a batch of fresh new material—her first songs in many months, her most commercial to date. 


Cut to July; Helen is now being personally mentored by No. 1 recording artiste Judie Tzuke, honing and re-shaping those songs into what they are today.  Producer James Welch was recruited on Judie’s recommendation and demo recordings commenced in late summer 2017. Not long after, an eclectic band was selected and the backing tracks were laid down over the winter months.  In February 2018 Helen completed the last of her vocals, with Judie and her daughter Bailey singing support. Finally in March, the mixes were agreed, the artwork was chosen and The Last Minute came into being!

Three singles from the EP have been chosen:

  • Last Minute — the title track, an infectious country/pop track, with a shuffling back beat and an angsty lyric.

  • Twisted – contemporary country/pop breakup song with a contagious melody, feisty vocal and spiralling guitars.

  • Ladies Night—an outrageously modern cover of Judie Tzuke’s 1978 original classic, endorsed by Judie who is featured as main vocalist in the third verse.

1. Last Minute (4:09) 

Helen Jayne McKellar

2. Twisted (3:35) 

Helen Jayne McKellar

3. Ladies Night (4:14)
Mike Paxman/Judie Tzuke


4. You’ve Come Home (3:29)
Helen Jayne McKellar/Judie Tzuke


5. Let Me Let You Go (3:39)
Helen Jayne McKellar/Judie Tzuke


6. Always By Your Side (4:30)
Helen Jayne McKellar/Doug McKellar


Being a miserable old muso and working for major labels I have worked with some of the greatest, praise does not come easy from my lips. However, these recordings have blown me away. Wonderfully recorded tracks, well crafted songs and delivered with perfection. The collaboration with Miss Tzuke on 'Ladies Night' is outstanding so watch out for that one. Highly recommended from yours truly and these tracks deserve national airplay. Please check it out.   

John Reed (ex. Head of Promotions at Polydor and RCA Records)

LAST MINUTE by Helen Jayne McKellar (review by Andy Brown)


For those of you lucky enough to spend your weekday mornings listening to Ken Bruce on BBC Radio Two whilst sipping your cup of coffee, then this new song from Helen Jayne could well be one you’ll hear.   With overtones of an American country sound, the song “Last Minute” features a piano sound reminiscent of Bruce Hornsby, complimented by a fine backing band and amazing vocals from Helen.  The production provides such a laid back feel to the song it conjures up a vision of strolling through New York City on a quiet Sunday morning.  So, sip your coffee, close your eyes and listen…’ll be on Fifth Avenue in no time……..over to you Ken Bruce!

Ladies Night by Helen Jayne McKellar (feat. Judie Tzuke) (review by A. Braun)


The intro to this song deceives you. Sounds like another Helen Jayne ballad you think but then it takes you away into something much more rock ballad-esque with a pure pop production sound. Ladies Night is a modern re-kindling of the Judie Tzuke song which first appeared on Tzuke’s debut 1979 album, “Welcome to the Cruise”. A bonus for all listeners is that Tzuke herself joins Helen and sings the third verse; it’s great to hear Judie’s characteristic voice again and took me back to that wonderful song, “Stay with me 'til Dawn”.   Helen delivers a great vocal from the echoey beginning and throughout with a nice blend of modern production accompaniments, and brings the song up to date, the lyrics of which will hit a chord with many a young lonely lady in today’s era.  

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