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Who do I think I am?


This life is unkind sometimes

And I can’t get you off my mind

There must be a way that we can

End this troubled time…

But how long can this go on?

The light in our world has gone

I’m struggling to hold on to

The feeling we belong



Who do I think I am?

You hold The Master Plan

And all I can do is keep asking you

Why do you allow

The pain written on my brow?

It’s here but don’t ask me how

Don’t want to explain,

feel I’m going insane

So just hold me near…

Who Do I Think I Am? (unkind edit) - Helen Jayne McKellar

Who do we think we are?

We’ve damaged our repertoire

The past is irreversible

but can we heal the scars?

I want you to realise

We’ve got to lose all the lies

Stop pretending,

Life is not a compromise


Can we heal the scars?

Have we gone too far?

Broken as we are

Have we gone too far?




© H J McKellar 2015

Helen Jayne McKellar - main and backing vocals, piano

Liam Matthews - guitars

Jan Matthews - bass guitar

Doug McKellar - drums

Review by “Zep” Music blogger.

The sound of this song from Helen is a departure from the norm. The melodic ballad is not here. “Who do I think I am” has a forceful and punchy pop beat reminiscent of a Top 40 single. It is loud, heavy and flows in typical hit single style. Helen is constantly questioning our existence and our purpose in life as the lyrics of this song demonstrate. Play it at your peril, because after hearing it you’ll be singing the chorus for the rest of the day, it’s that infectious! So go ahead listen to it!!! 

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