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The Last Minute

Helen's New EP is available NOW!

Includes Helen's single 'Last Minute' and the follow up single 'Twisted'

LM promo front cover.jpg
Helen Jayne McKellar - Twisted - Single

Helen Jayne McKellar Music, Berkshire.    


Now also available on CD!  

Also includes a fresh new cover of 'Ladies Night' featuring Judie Tzuke!

...working for major labels I have worked with some of the greatest, praise does not come easy from my lips. However, these recordings have blown me away. Wonderfully recorded tracks, well crafted songs and delivered with perfection... these tracks deserve national airplay. Please check it out.   

John Reed (ex. Head of Promotions at Polydor and RCA Records)

"Very haunting and expressive songs and lyrics beautifully sung and played by everyone"

- Pat Davey, Cregan and Co

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